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Pro Play Shockpad


Pro Play 18 shockpad is 18mm thickness has no listed critical fall height and weighs 2.5kg/sheet.
Pro Play 25 shockpad is 25mm thickness has a 1.3m critical fall height and weighs 3.1kg/sheet.
Pro Play 35 shockpad is 35mm thickness has a 1.7m critical fall height and weighs 3.5kg/sheet.
Pro Play 45 shockpad is 45mm thickness has a 2.1m critical fall height and weighs 3.8kg/sheet.

Sold as 2.25m x 0.9m sheets

ProPlay provides the perfect surface for play equipment and is mainly used to prevent (head) injuries in the event of a fall, both indoors and outdoors. ProPlay for has been specially developed for both playing and sport fields with a synthetic lawn. The closed cell material combines fall protection with outstanding drainage properties, simple installation, lasting stability and unmatched resistance to wear. Because of the high drainage qualities, playing fields with ProPlay even after severe showers will be dry and usable in no time.