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Zeofill is an all-natural substance which absorbs and neutralises odours before they occur. It is a granule added to the surface of the grass which, if using correct amounts based upon size of area and of pet(s), should not have to be replaced. Supplied in 25kg bag.

1 bag covers approximately 5sqm


ZeoFill works instantly on any artificial grass installation
ZeoFill is a ‘negative charge’ infill, which means it absorbs and significantly reduces foul smelling ammonia in pet urine above and below your lawn
ZeoFill is naturally cleansed and restored by rain water, flushing out any bacteria
ZeoFill granules cool turf fibres for longer, mirroring real soil temperatures
ZeoFill is 100 % permeable and will not clog drainage systems
ZeoFill absorbs and holds 80 % of liquid weight without swelling
ZeoFill’s earthy colour blends more naturally with artificial lawns compared to silica sand
ZeoFill is strong and durable for heavy footfall use